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Let us help you maintain your system and help you when you have encountered a problem.

Even the most sophisticate or expensive system, will need a proper maintenance for it to keeps working well. Don't wait until your system is a mess, because if you take actions when your system already have a problem is a waste of time and money.

In Hoseki System, we use the ticketing system support to help you keep track of how your problem being resolved by our team and also to help you to see the history of how the previous problem being solved, so your user can also know what to do next time the similar problem occur.

We use portal web ticket to help user inform us about the problem they've encountered. User could also adding the details or even attach the additional file materials to help us identify your source of problem.

User could also see the reply or the history in the tickets via the portal web ticket. This also could be of use to user on what to do if they're encountering the same problem.

Terms and Condition

1. The support period will start after the successful payment from the customer. The period will start according to the date of the payment being made by the customer.

2. The Normal Working Hour is Monday - Friday except Indonesian National Holiday; 08.00 AM - 05.00 PM (UTC+7). 

3. Transport cost of professional(s) staff that are required by project assignment to travel outside Jabodetabek, including for accommodation (bed and breakfast) in a hotel, and other expenses such as laundry, other meals, taxis, telephone, etc. will be charged to customer by reimbursement-based method

4. We provide remote support via text, telephone or screen sharing within the agreed response times. The Support Mediums include:

  •   Email

  •  Telephone

  •  Skype

  •  Team viewer

  •  Zoom

  •  Anydesk

5. The customer is responsible for maintaining a stable connection to the Internet or your telecommunication during the remote support service

6. Other different in terms and condition may apply, and will be discussed further and stated in the support contract for more details.

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