Odoo Implementation

Choose what you need and how to implement it into your business can be confusing and if not done correctly, could even do more harm than good for your business.

We can help you to make the progress easier and smoother for you

Odoo have tons of module to help accommodate your needs and business. But the process to implement it into your business and also integrating it into your team can be a total hassle if not done correctly. Wrong approach can do more harm than goods. You will need a professional help.

We can help you to do a smoother process of implementing a user friendly system of Odoo according to your business needs and necessities. Because a successful ERP implementation depends on the implementation partner you choose for your work. And implementing the ERP with a right approach is one of the key formula to the successful business.

Step by Step of Odoo's Implementation

Step 1
Requirement Analysis

We will initially try to understand your business what your business require. Only then, we will be able to propose the best solution for you.

Step 2

Budget Allocation

At this point, we will talk about how much the Client wants to allocate the budget for their ERP implementation

Step 3
Customization and Planning

Then, we will be planning about which customization works best according to the data and the budget. We will also provide the demo if necessary to let customer understand better with a situation they are more familiar.

Step 4

Installation and Configuration

We will then begin to configure and install the ERP as per our needs.

Step 5
Data Migration

We will migrate the essentials old data into the new ERP

Step 6


Our Technical Consultant will also do a proper testing of the whole ERP to ensure it works flawlessly and smoothly


Our Functional Consultant will start training the ERP users

Step 7

Go Live

We will then start the Go Live phase using the new ERP

Step 8
Support and Maintenance

We will do the needed maintenance and support

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